Cosmetics in Ancient Egypt

Every society has its own perception of beauty and how to achieve it. We have all seen how Ancient Egyptians are often painted with their eyes lined. But what actually is this product? What is it made of?

Unlike other civilizations cleanliness and personal appearance were important.  For priests in the service of the gods, cleanliness was obligated. Not only did they have to wash several times a day, but they also had to be clean shaven all over. In the hot climate deodorants were much in demand. To repel body odor men and women alike rubbed pellets of ground carbon into the skin, or placed little balls of incense and porridge where limbs met.

Fat combined with red ochre was used for dyeing fingernails, lip gloss, give glow to the cheeks, and was applied with a brush or a spatula.

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Eye paint for an overnight treatment made of kohl and goose fat or a paste was mixed from kohl, green eye paint, honey and ochre in equal parts, applied to the lids. The green eyepaint was usually malachite, a green ore of copper; kohl was made of galena, a dark grey ore of lead. It w as kept in lumps in little bags of linen or leather and was ground on a palette to a fine powder.

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