Ancient Egyptian Clothing

With the climate in Egypt much higher than what most of us are use to, we all wonder how they survived without air  conditioner and what clothing did they wear. With an average temperature in the summer of 95 degrees and winter average of 48 degrees, how did they survive it? (1) Well the answer to clothing all depended on your status in society.

The clothing was simple and mostly wrapped. Men wore a short loincloth resembling a kilt, women wore a dress with one or two straps, and children roamed naked till the age of six. The linen, whitish cloth was wrapped around the body and held in place by a belt. Though a majority of the clothing was white, colored garments were not unknown. (2)

Robes were worn by both sexes and were called “kalasiris.” The bottom hem for women touched the calves or the ankles, either had short or no sleeves  and the fit would either be tight or loose. The folds of the cloth were held together by a belt. (2)

Everyday clothing was rather simple but upper class clothing has been found that had pleating horizontally. During the time of the New Kingdom, pleating was intricate. (2)



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