Ancient Egypt: Funiture

Houses were sparsely furnished. The majority of Egyptians did not have many belongings that were stored, so a chest or two or a few baskets would be enough storing space.

Tables were rarely used. Even scribes, more affluent than the average Egyptian, did not write their scrolls sitting at a table, but generally squatted on the floor, holding a wooden board, on which the papyrus was spread, with one hand and writing with the other.

Kitchen work was done crouching with the cooking utensils laid out on the floor. There would be a few low stools, but people often sat simply on the ground.

While the wealthy slept on beds, the poor had to make do with a mattress filled with straw or wool, a mat or even the plain floor.

The Egyptians used headrests instead of pillows for sleeping on. They were made of stone, pottery, ivory or, most often, wood. Ouch! That does not seem comfortable at all.

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