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This part will focus on beer. This is always a question as people assume that drinks contained harmful bacteria that was potentially lethal. But depending on the the type of drink, they were sanitary.

As with all other items, what one drank depended on what social class they belonged to. Wealthier Egyptians were able to choose between beer and wine. Lower classes could only afford to drink beer.

Everyone drank beer, including children. This beer was fermented from half baked barley loaves.

If you want to make your own beer here is the recipe:

  • Barley loaves were half baked. This actives the yeast.
  • The loaves were then crumbled and mashed into a mixture of water and barley
  • The beer mixture was then sealed in jars and left to ferment
  • The lumpy, thick beer was then strained before serving in decanters
  • Beers could be flavored with such items as dates and figs

The alcoholic content of these drinks were around 8 to 9 percent but they could be weaker or stronger depending on the jar they were stored in.

  • Red jar= Standard Strength
  • Black jar= Most Potent Strength
  • Other colors= Flavored Beer

Credit for information: http://www.king-tut.org.uk/ancient-egyptians/egyptian-drink.htm